2017 Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra China Concert Tour

Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra China Concert Tour 31 May – 15 June 2017


Day 1 Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra is going off for a 17-day concert tour! 


Our orchestra member and Parents.




1st Show: Kunming Theater 

During the rehearsal



Our conductor: Mr Yang Shili



We celebrate our concert master assistant: Teia’s birthday at Kunming Theater backstage before the performance.




2nd Show: Liu Zhou Theatre-Liu Zhou Concert Hall




Our musician and parents on the train to Nanning. 




3rd Show: Nanning Theatre



Musicians are practicing during the break at backstage.




Orchestra members and parents was treated to a wonderful dinner of local BBQ at Shenzhen, by our generous Director!




4th Show: Shenzhen Concert Hall


Our handsome young talent musicians are practicing during the break before the concert! 


On the stage



After the show




5th Show: Fujian Grand Theatre – Fujian Concert Hall



On the train to Jiangxi.


Cellists with their teacher: Ms Wang Yan.


Had a wonderful dinner time with all the parents and orchestra members in Jiangxi!


Lunch, 2nd day in Jiangxi. 



6th Show: Jiangxi Art Center


Musicians are practicing at backstage 




7th Show: Shao Xing Art school


Local school students and parents come and watch our rehearsal. 


Our musicians towards the concert hall. 



8th Show: Zhoushan Art Theatre





Our musician’s birthday celebration lunch at Hangzhou hotel.



9th Show: Hangzhou Theatre




10th Show: Shanghai City Theatre



Musicians photo after concert.


Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra with all the parents and teachers.



*Celebration Dinner! *



Everyone gave a speech about this fantasic 17-day China Concert Tour.  Our spirited kiddos lived out the experience of Work Hard, Play Harder. Such is the essence of the MelodySAC school creed for all kiddos who pass through our school doors!

“always, a musical stringendo”; onwards to new adventures!