The 4th CHINA International Violin and Bow Making Competition 2019



The 4th CHINA International Violin and Bow Making Competition 2019


Competition Date      : 05 – 15 MAY, 2019

Location                       : BEIJING CHINA



          Melody Strings would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our wonderfully talented from our partner studio in Beijing – Shi Quan Zhao Luthier Studios who had won Gold Medal in Violin Making category –  4th China international violin and bow making competition 2019.


        The Competition was held from May 5th to 15th, 2019 in Beijing, China which is endorsed and approved by Chinese government authority. The Competition hosted by China Central Conservatory of Music CCOM and China Musical Instrument Association. Organised by Research Center of Violin Making, Central Conservatory of Music & Chinese Violin Maker’ Association.


         The jury is composed of the international-famous maestros of violin-making、bow-making and the world-renowned musicians, is a high level violin and bow making competition. Including the famous Italian violin maker Giorgio Scolari, the famous French violin maker Pierre Caradote, the Polish violin maker Tadeusz Slodyczka, and the American Chinese violin maker Lin Haide and others. Since the first China International Violin Making Competition was held in year 2010, more and more entries and high and higher quality shown the artistic Level of Violin Making.


Picture from : http://www.sohu.com/a/312017175_123830?sec=wd


Cheers to many more years of fruitful continued partnership with our friends at Shi-quan Zhao Luthier Studios!! =]



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