Individual Practical Lessons

Beginner – Diploma: Individual Practical Lesson



At Melody Strings, we provide Violin, Viola, and Cello individual lessons starting from Beginner to Diploma. All Melody Strings lessons are uniquely designed according to every student’s abilities, learning progress and development. This is to help them achieve effective learning methods in order to unleash their full potential. 

Aside from practical lessons, all students are required to take Music Theory lessons as we believe that a good foundation in performance and theory helps them excel better. It also assesses a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of how music works.



Lessons Schedule

Our lesson schedule is organised by Melody Strings management team and/or teacher.

  • Individual Practical Lessons, once or twice a week, 12 lessons per term inclusive of 1 Studio class every 3 months and 1 performance class with piano accompaniment every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Music Theory, once a week, inclusive of Aural training and fundamentals of Piano playing.
  • Internal examination (Every end of May and December) is compulsory for all Melody Strings students.


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