MelodySAC Brand

MelodySAC Brand


Whether you are beginning your musical journey as a fresh pre-schooler looking to procure a one-eighth sized violin or a budding soloist looking for a sonorous full-sized cello, the Melody SAC Shoppe carries an extensive and carefully curated collection that would suit you at any stage of your musical journey.

And because we firmly believe that the medium through which the musician expresses his song, must be a thoughtfully crafted instrument that delights him, we have set up private workshops with luthiers and award-winning bow makers crafting instruments and bows from choice materials that bear the Melody SAC brand name.



MelodySAC Instrument Collection

Melody Strings Art Center ensures our musical instruments meet the highest standards and requirements of instrumental craftsmanship. Our studio of professional luthiers and seasoned musicians are in constant dialogue to aid in creating instruments modelled after various Master Models that suit students and professional musicians at all levels.

German Wittner Finetune Pegs have been specially installed on our instruments; this empowers our students to begin to learn to tune their instruments independently.

Since launching our eponymous label of fine instruments in both the local Singapore market as well as in China, we’re heartened to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from teachers, students and our peers comprising musicians in the industry regarding the sonority, tones and ease of playability of our instruments.

Our desire for constant progress and belief in caring for our customers has resulted in an active loop of feedback from all who have had any constructive comments having played on our instruments; these are then literally taken to task at our Beijing Studio where constant innovation is in motion to bring about an ever-improving range of musical instruments.

Our collection is not an inventory of ‘factory products’ but a catalogue of unique pieces of Art that is simultaneously capable of equipping the musician with a wide range of musical expression. And because our school’s mission is to nurture the next generation of confident young musicians, we carry fine instruments beginning in one-eighth sizes for our young learners.




Congratulations are in order once again for our prolific friends at Shi-quan Zhao Luthier Studios (Melody Strings’ instrument-crafting partners in Beijing), for their beautiful instruments have won accolades at the recent competition held in the United States by the prestigious Violin Society of America:

Silver medals for the contemporary violins, Merit certificates for workmanship on the violas!

Melody Strings would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our wonderfully talented friends from our partner studio in Beijing – Shi-quan Zhao Luthier Studios, on their clean sweep of Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes at the recent 2016 3rd China International Violin Making and Bow Making Competition! Their contemporary instruments won over the luthiers and instrumentalists on the judging panel!

The award winning instruments were subsequently exhibited at the National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing! Click link for news coverage on the exhibition! >>> Our Award Winning Luthiers!




Our (Gold, Silver & Bronze Award Winning) friends from the Shi-quan Zhao Luthier Studios!

Gold Award – Cello
Bronze Award – Violin
Silver Award – Viola



As the young ones tend to outgrow these instruments really quickly, we have decided to offer instrument rental schemes here at the MelodySAC Shoppe!

To complement our contemporary instruments, we actively procure antique European instruments which are first lovingly restored by our team before offering them to our discerning buyers. These instruments are selected based on the quality of make, it’s tonal quality and the handling comfort it affords the player. And because of our great confidence in being an astute purveyor of antique stringed instruments, all antique European stringed instruments sold at our shop retains a 100% trade-in value.