Why Learn Music Theory ?

The Importance of Learning Music Theory

If your child serious about performing or becoming a professional musician, learning music theory is key. Without understanding music, they won’t able to have an understanding of the pieces they play.


Why Music Theory is important to a child as a musician?


  • Understand How Music Works

Music theory helps students understand how a piece of music works. A deeper understanding of intervals, scales, and keys will help students see why notes are placed together or how sharp and flat makes sense in certain context. Besides that, music theory plays an important role while play in orchestra or ensemble. This is because music theory will show them where their part is in the group-making and it easier for them to play with another musician.


  • Write and Perform Accurately

Music theory helps your child become more creative with their playing. With the knowledge of music theory, children can try to do their music writing.


  • Independent Learning

With strong foundation in music theory, children able to run through pieces of music on their own, and can develop their own warm-up exercise and sign reading as well. Children who know music theory tend to be more confident in their abilities and are more likely to continue learning. Plus, understanding of music theory will also help children to pick up multiple instruments down the line.


  • Improve Critical Reasoning Skills

Music Theory students have a lot of information that needs to be processed in a short amount of time, students can pick up desired skills, including time management and critical thinking. Professionals mentioned that learning music theory as learning a different language because it stimulates the same areas of the brain.


  • Music theory as a Foundation

Learning music theory make students to progress more successfully in music. Good and patience music theory teacher, children able to fun learning music theory.


Sources: May 8, 2017 by Music & Arts  Importance of learning music theory


Music Theory Lesson


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