New Beginner Classes Added

Melody Strings is excited to introduce two new classes for complete beginners, making learning even more accessible for children who wish to try learning a stringed instrument before committing to more advanced lessons! Our new classes give you the option of either individual lessons or group lessons, as well as FREE rental of our finest instruments! Unlike our regular individual beginner classes, these new classes will also focus on music theory and introducing musical concepts to students with no prior experience.


The new lesson options are separated into 2 sections: Interest Class, for total beginners starting from scratch, and Foundation Class, for students who wish to continue after interest class and wish to lay down a strong foundation for the future.


  • Each class type comprises of 20 lessons.
  • Both classes can be taken individually or in groups of up to 3.


Students who take part in the Interest Class will be lent, free of charge, one of our own hand-made, internationally-branded and award-winning instruments to keep for the duration of the course! Bow included.


  • A deposit will have to be made (amount dependent on instrument size), which will be returned to you in full upon return of the instrument in good condition.
  • Instrument cases sold at a special price of $50 (Usual price $80-$120) for Interest Class students.
  • $50 price of case will be counted as credit for class fees/rental fees should you choose to continue onto the Foundation Class.
  • Regular rental rates for our instruments will be waived. Normal rates will apply for instrument rental once the student is no longer in the Interest Class.

Melody Strings places great emphasis on providing only the most professional teaching methods. Our teachers include established professional musicians from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, as well as from overseas conservatories and universities.


Holding music education to the highest standards, we pride ourselves in having a record of over 90% Distinction rate among students who take the ABRSM music exams, as well as a high DSA (Direct School Admission) rate among students who use their music education to supplement applications to schools. Our students are also recipients of numerous competition awards and prizes, and we encourage all students to pursue such achievements in order to constantly improve and challenge themselves.


We hope to be able to introduce our methods to even more students with the introduction of these  beginner-friendly classes, which offers parents and students more options when it comes to time, budget, and skill level.

Melody Strings Art Center’s instruments are all hand-made under our own brand, with the utmost care and professional skill put into each and every instrument and bow. Assembled overseas and then fine-tuned to perfection by our in-house luthier once they arrive in Singapore, we guarantee that you will find the quality and craftsmanship of our instruments unmatched and unchallenged by factory-produced instruments.


Having won numerous awards overseas in instrument-making, we offer uncompromising quality across our range of products. Our in-house luthier is available at our school location for any matters relating to repairs, and adjustments.


Our confidence in the quality of our own instruments is why we offer all beginner students in the Interest Class a chance to use them for free in order to experience for themselves the difference in sound that a Melody Strings instrument can provide!