Parent-Child Interest Class

Grow and Get Fun Together 

Do parents spend quality time with children?

Do parents stay beside children when they need to accompany?

Do parents put their role in to get a well understanding of their children?

Today’s families are busier than ever. Both parents work hard to provide a better living environment, register variety enrichment classes and activities.

However, no matter how luxury life they give to children, they still need parents as a companion.

Melody Strings had developed GROW AND GET FUN TOGETHER’s INTEREST LESSON for parents and child to create a quality and memorable time in the music journey. Through the lesson, Daddy / Mummy able to learn music lessons together with child, encourage each other, practice together, and improve day by day. This is a great way to cultivate music interest and help you connect with your child on a deeper level.

Parents – Child Class 30 min : $60 (children) , $20 (either mum / dad)

Parents – Child Class 45 min : $90 (children) , $20 (either mum / dad)

Parents – Child Class 60 min : $120 (children) , $20 (either mum / dad)

Lesson fees are collected on a termly basis, 15 lessons per term.


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