About us

We offer courses for children (aged between 5 and 16), that help to nurture his/her interest in the Violin, Viola or Cello.

Our philosophy is not merely the provision of sound instruction for technical mastery of one’s chosen string instrument, but through a rigorous study of performing music, to cultivate 5 essential abilities, namely:



In honing technical mastery during daily practice, one would need to read complex musical notations which involves the simultaneous comprehension of the notes, rhythm, bowing, and fingerings; this stretches one’s ability to observe and process information simultaneously.


Critical Thinking

From internalising instructions and comments given by our teachers during class, to comparing one’s playing with one’s classmates, this will cultivate an ability to identify erroneous elements in one’s performance and try to find an effective solution to correct it. 



Putting in the hard work and receiving recognition from one’s teachers and peers, in addition to constantly playing for audiences, will help with having better control during the performance, and eventually build a good amount of self-confidence.



In the process of developing the 3 aforementioned abilities, self-confidence in one’s performance would allow a personal interpretation and expression of the music that gives rise to the creativity that comes with dynamic musicianship.


Co-operative playing

Through Group Lessons and Orchestra training, one begins to understand that only with cooperation can wonderful music be produced; a unified sound is only possible when musicians respond appropriately and in time to directions given.

In this way, a group of individual talents will be able to project a powerful performance cooperatively.
Cultivating these 5 abilities helps to refine one’s identity as a performer, and helps them develop holistically as an individual.