String Orchestra


YEAR 1 – 2015

Having established the String Orchestra Training Programme in January 2015, we’ve been having a ball of a time learning and hitting milestones together the last year!

In July 2015, we entered the Singapore Raffles International Music Festival competition under the Chamber String Category and played our hearts out! We’re humbled to have received 2 Gold awards for our music interpretations and invited to play in the closing Gala Concert at University Cultural Center (National University of Singapore).




Presenting below, our 2 performances of our winning entries (Harvolsen’s Passacaglia and Holst’s St. Pauls’ Suite 1st Movement) at the Gala Concert! *as well as a bonus Concert Finale (Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, Spring 1st Movement) with special guest soloist from Taiwan!



In November, we were invited to perform at a private Appreciation Dinner by one of the Ministries of the Singapore Government…


Our team with Minister Lawrence Wong!




Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been preparing and gearing up for the 2015 Season Finale in December: Our Inaugural Concert-Tour to Yunnan, China!



Jet-setting orchestra : The Melody Strings’ Chamber Orchestra is going off for an 8-day concert-tour! This inaugural event entitled Mélodies, took our orchestra to Yunnan China this past winter! Having checked into Kunming’s Green Lake Hotel, the orchestra was treated to a wonderful dinner of local flavors at Shi Ping Hall, by our generous Director!









Sight-seeing : We set off to see a UNESCO site together – the South China Karst, commonly known as the Stone Forest. Nicknamed “City of Eternal Spring” due to Kunming’s perpetual comfortable weather, the snowy weather that delicately capped the majestic rock formations with white highlights was a wonderful surprise! Kiddos used to the tropical heat were ecstatic to experience snowfall!


















Noodles and Rehearsal : We try out a local noodle dish most representative of Yunnan Cuisine – Guo Qian Mi Xian (literally – Bridge Noodles)! With happy warm bellies, we begin rehearsal of our concert repertoire at Tian Ma International Art School. Kiddos also gave interviews to the Yunnan Television Station!


bridge noodles






Stage 1 : We take to the stage at Hai Bei International School! After a round of sound-checks, we performed to a full auditorium of local students! We were rewarded when Principal Huang, together with her faculty and students, expressed their appreciation of our presentation with much hearty clapping! The Hai Bei souvenir teddies were a wonderfully thoughtful gesture!









Stage 2 (and 3!) : After the morning’s impromptu rehearsal at our hotel lobby; with special permission from the hotel management!! Our little musicians take to the impromptu stage that is the hotel lobby to rehearse for their big night! Finally, after months of intense rehearsals, our little troopers take to the stage at Kunming Theatre. It was a wonderful night where we got to share our music with a full house!




lobby rehearsal_01



















Post-Concert Celebrations! : Our friends from the Tian Ma International School arranged a celebratory dinner post-concert for the entire Singapore contingent; specially keeping the mall open past 10pm for our post-concert dinner at the teppanyaki restaurant.




celebratory dinner_dads




Tour! : Our entire contingent of little musicians, teachers, with parents and grandparents set off on our tour of the beautiful old city of Dali! We’re putting up at the beautiful Gurong Hotel for 2 nights!






gurong hotel


dali old gate




Tour! : The Melody Strings party embarks on a historical tour of the mansion belonging to the prominent Yan family, and were treated to a cultural performance right in the hall of the stately mansion! Rounding off the first half of the day was an exciting horse-drawn carriage ride in the old city! After a hearty lunch, we board a cruise in the waters of Er-Hai, a high-altitude lake where our Director generously sponsored 2 private cabins that came complete with snacks and karaoke systems; high spirits on the ‘high seas’!












horse carriage ride


er hai cruise





Home Bound! : We’re up bright and early to make our way back to Chang Shui Airport to catch our flight back home! There was one more surprise awaiting the kids at the airport; our director presented each of our little musicians with an ethnic musical instrument – the Hu Lu Si, as a memento of this trip!


hu lu si_airport


hu lu si


Our Inaugural Concert-Tour to Yunnan this past winter was a rousing success!!

Our spirited kiddos lived out the experience of [Work Hard, Play Hard(er)];

each of them exemplifying the precious traits we hope will see them through life… certain grit, zest, discipline, optimism, curiosity, social intelligence… all the while being humble and readily thankful always.

Such is the essence of the Melody Strings school creed for all kiddos who pass through our school doors!

“always, a musical stringendo”; onwards to new adventures!

Here’s what you missed on the night of the full-house at Kunming Theatre in its entirety! Enjoy~




YEAR 2 – 2016

The orchestra kicks off 2016 with a bang; Orchestral Masterclass with Maestro Lan Shui!


lan shui_03


lan shui_05


lan shui_01





Here’s a video of the Melody Strings’ Chamber Orchestra at the ICAF Awards Ceremony, which we were invited to play at the day after winning a Gold award! Presenting Strauss’ Die Fledermaus Overture!




In Q4 of 2016, our kiddos are having a whale of a time making music with our Norwegian friends from 1B1! A video of their public performance at National Gallery Singapore!




Here’s the video of our Little leaguer Basil Ong perform with 1B1 Strings Orchestra ‘Vivaldi The Four Seasons Winter’ @Victoria Concert Hall.





Year 3 – 2017
Here is our strings orchestra photoshoot @Victoria Concert Hall for the exciting program: 2017 China Tour Performance. ^.^



With our dear conductor Mr Yang.




Viola & Cello kiddos!




Our three little gentlemen.




Our little princesses are playing while walking. ^.^




Group photo beside the VCH.






Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra China Concert Tour 31 May – 15 June 2017


Day 1 Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra is going off for a 17-day concert tour! 


Our orchestra member and Parents.




1st Show: Kunming Theater 

During the rehearsal



Our conductor: Mr Yang Shili



We celebrate our concertmaster’s assistant: Teia’s birthday at Kunming Theater backstage before the performance.




2nd Show: Liu Zhou Theatre-Liu Zhou Concert Hall




Our musician and parents on the train to Nanning. 




3rd Show: Nanning Theatre



Musicians are practicing during the break at backstage.




Orchestra members and parents was treated to a wonderful dinner of local BBQ at Shenzhen, by our generous Director!




4th Show: Shenzhen Concert Hall


Our handsome young talented musicians are practicing during the break before the concert! 


On the stage



After the show




5th Show: Fujian Grand Theatre – Fujian Concert Hall



On the train to Jiangxi.


Cellists with their teacher: Ms Wang Yan.


Had a wonderful dinner time with all the parents and orchestra members in Jiangxi!


Lunch, 2nd day in Jiangxi. 



6th Show: Jiangxi Art Center


Musicians are practicing at backstage 




7th Show: Shao Xing Art school


Local school students and parents come and watch our rehearsal. 


Our musicians towards the concert hall. 



8th Show: Zhoushan Art Theatre





Our musician’s birthday celebration lunch at Hangzhou hotel.



9th Show: Hangzhou Theatre




10th Show: Shanghai City Theatre



Musicians photo after the concert.


Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra with all the parents and teachers.



*Celebration Dinner! *



Everyone gave a speech about this fantastic 17-day China Concert Tour.  Our spirited kiddos lived out the experience of Work Hard, Play Harder. Such is the essence of the MelodySAC school creed for all kiddos who pass through our school doors!

“always, a musical stringendo”; onwards to new adventures!







In August 2017, we entered the 4th Singapore Raffles International Music Festival competition under Instrumental Category and played our hearts out! We’re humbled to have received Gold with Honours awards for our music interpretations and invited to play in the closing Gala Concert at SOTA Concert Hall (School Of The Art).

Also, our talented students who obtained one Elite Award, one Bronze Award and three Gold Award in Violin Solo Competition and Chamber Music Competition. 






Gala Concert Performance: 






Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra was honored to represent Singapore as the special guest invited by Lotus Elegant Demeanor International Campus Art Festival to perform at Lotus Music Festival Gala Concert and obtained Gold Rewards on 18th August 2017 at Lee Foundation Theatre. 







It was with great honour and pleasure that the Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra had the opportunity to work with renowned local conductor Darrell Ang, Music Director of the Sichuan Symphony Orchestra. The professional orchestra and Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra performed two encore pieces: Hungarian Dance No.5 by Johannes Brahms and Carmen Suite by Georges Bizet.

This collaboration is an effort by Mastero Darrell Ang to encourage and support our local youths in music-making and contribute to the local music scene in Singapore.







Let’s enjoy the concert one more time! 


Year 4 – 2018


Melody Strings as part of the organizations, we are proud to say that the 2018 Singapore International Strings Festival – International Violin Arts Festival and Competition received a great success.

We would like to congratulate our talented musicians who have obtained Merit Award, Bronze Award, Silver Award, Gold Award, and Gold with Bonus Award in numerous Violin Solo Categories. 

The Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra was honored to perform the Spring from The Four Seasons – Vivaldi with Ms. Lynnette Seah who is one of the most famous Violin Soloists in Singapore and Co-concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. 

Now let’s watch the Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra performance at the 2018 Singapore International Strings Festival – International Violin Arts Festival and Competition Prize Giving & Gala Concert at Victoria Concert Hall. 






Melody Strings Art Center was honored to receive the invitation from the Esplanade, as part of Free Performances: In Youthful Company. Thank you the Esplanade for supporting the local children music art scene. 

In the past Monday evening, Melody Strings Junior Orchestra & Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra performed two sets of performances at the Esplanade – Concourse. What makes that all the more remarkable is this performance is the premiere of the Melody Strings Junior Orchestra.

Thank you for supporting us! We hope everybody spent a fruitful evening with Melody Strings Art Center.

Let’s throwback the wonderful performance!