Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra

Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra (MSCO)

In orchestra rehearsals, your child will not only learn to know his own parts, but will also be taught to listen to melodies of other instruments and to follow the beats given by the conductor. By constantly having to deal with these vertical and horizontal progressions of chords and melodies, your child will improve in both musical sense and performance capability.

The coursework material is developed by our team here at Melody Strings. The orchestra begins to be first grounded in solid orchestral techniques and then explores music interpretation as the kids progress through the chosen repertoire!

The standard of evaluating orchestral training will be through annual String Competitions. Coupled with opportunities given to our students for local and overseas performances, Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra is truly living out our school creed – always, a musical stringendo!

Maestro Lu Wei (Violinist, Concertmaster of the Deutsches Symphony-Orchestra Belin) once said: “Interaction and communication with your peers, audience and community will help you in breaking through your technical abilities and improving your understanding of music. Also, rehearsals in the orchestra are an effective way to improve technically and to develop a personal style of playing. Experiences in the orchestra cannot be found in books. Young musicians should join an orchestra as early as possible, to minimize the time and effort you need to grow and improve, and it also helps to build a strong foundation in your playing.”


The Melody Strings Chamber Orchestra (MSCO)

Who may apply?
Melody Strings welcome all Young musicians aged 5 to 17 who play Violin, Viola and Cello: 

Attained a start of playing equivalent to ABRSM Grade 5 onwards.

*Candidates are required to prepare a piece of music no longer than 5 minutes in duration to play for the panel.

Rehearsal Schedule

  • Rehearsal Lessons, once a week at Victoria Concert Hall.
  • Every Sunday, 4pm to 6pm.
    To sign up for audition, simply fill up this formApplicants will be contacted and notified on audition dates.