You Yi Qin Yuan


Welcome to “You Yi Qin Yuan”


 “You Yi Qin Yuan” is ‘You’ card membership platform. All of our ‘You’ card members have received the distinction in ABRSM examinations during their learning journey at Melody Strings.


You () represents Melody Strings’ outstanding students

Yi () represents welfare to others and the society

Qin () represents string instruments and music

Yuan () represents the fate that brings us together 


A very warm welcome to Melody Strings “You Yi Qin Yuan” members. Membership of the prestigious “You Yi Qin Yuan” is exclusive to those who have received the distinction in ABRSM examination, and your presence here is testimony to your outstanding results. 


Each member of “You Yi Qin Yuan” is awarded an exclusive and personalized card and “You Yi Qin Yuan” is looking forward to welcoming all students from Melody Strings in becoming a member. 


Music is an aural art that plays a role in our well-being; it influences the mind, body and soul. It stimulates our senses and evokes a myriad of emotions. By the virtue of a multi-sensory learning experience, music facilitates the expression of feelings.


Melody Strings aims to ensure that students achieve growth in both intelligence and sensibility through music learning. Acquiring the art of string music helps with social, emotional and intellectual development, creating opportunities for contact, coordination and cooperation when we sync with other learners through music. We hope to bring out the best in our students to incorporate the harmony of music into their lives and infuse this harmony in our society.


By spreading the art of string music, Melody Strings hopes for members to inspire their friends and encourage them to embrace the beauty of music. Your collaboration is invaluable in our mission of cultivating an appreciation for music and inspiring aesthetic sensibility by spreading the art of string music.


By the means of our endeavour, Melody Strings “You Yi Qin Yuan” sincerely looks forward to your collaboration in working towards a noble goal of benefiting our society.


Grade(s) 1 – 4



Grade(s) 5 – 8 & Diploma/Licentiate